Sunday, July 11, 2004

So much to consider

I was all set on "Tits and Cowboys," as the blog name until my friend and fellow Thursday-night player, Greg, pointed out that it's not the best name for book jackets and publicity. You can't say tits on TV on that morning show. Maybe I can get away with it for a chapter title....

I'm getting get more and more excited about the book. Everyone thinks its a great idea and all the women I talk to want a copy when it comes out. But then again, I was at a 30th birthday party where people got very drunk (though not me -- I did enough damage to my liver on Friday night) and also thought it was a great idea to sing "Baby's Got Back" en masse on the rented karoake set. Since I promised the birthday boy in advance I would help start the action, I did "The Real Slim Shady" and so I think I may be partly to blame for setting the tone.

Meanwhile, I think I'm getting my hands on some chips on loan for a while, so I'm going to set up my first "poker class" this week for the ladies. The problem, of course, is where to have it since my tiny apartment can only fit 4 people around a table, tops. Hmm.


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