Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Have You Heard? Poker's Big!

Even Forbes says that "Poker's Winning Hands Down". This is good news for me, since I'm betting a lot of my financial future on poker!

There's no news in this news, especially with their razor-sharp reasons as to "why" and the "challenges" facing its growth: "Broadcast opportunities may be limited." By what? That there's not a poker-only network... yet? That the Cartoon Network hasn't tapped into the trend with Celebrity Cartoon Card Showdown? Just wait, Forbes, you wascally wabbits, just wait.

Even sort-of maybe someday prince-types spend too much time watching poker!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


It's been a crazy time here in the TB Corral. Mostly good -- though big change-full. The upside is that I'm taking a crazy gamble and trying to leave the 9-5 world to write the next book. I am afraid to write the details down because of jinxing it. But it's good.

Meanwhile, though, one of my best and oldest friends is in the hospital for mysterious and worrisome health problems. I believe she'll be fine, but I'm worried and it's hard to concentrate.

Also, this is the thing about blogging and promising "more later!" -- does anyone care now? I don't know that I do. Here's what I have left to say about Atlantic City -- the second tourney was good, I learned that the Taj and not Maryanne of the WPC was responsible for the weird antes in the no-limit tourney, and overall it was really interesting and fun to play with ladies only. Big props for Maryanne to organizing it all.

As for the tourney I won, well, it might have hooked me back into NL tourneys again. I'm a sucker! Save me Gamblor! You're my only hope.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Hooray! I won! Yay!

Literally, tonight I yelled "Hooray! Yay! Things worked out for me! Hooray!"

Sometimes I am such a girl. But when your QJ wins against AA, what else can you feel or say?

I got home about an hour ago from a $60 no-limit freezeout tournament at one of the NY underground clubs. I came in 4th out of 56, in the money for the first time at this club and for the first time in a while in a BnM tourney.

I didn't think I'd win anything. I downed two beers and half an appetizer platter before heading over to the club. And when I got AA dealt to me the first hand, I thought, well, this is a bad sign. Seriously, I've been on such a bad run that I think oh, well, here are the only aces I'll see tonight. Additionally, I kind of prefer if the first coupla hands I get in a tournament are crap, so I can just settle in and look around.

But those first aces held, and the second, and the queens, and... well, and then nothing.

One thing I'm getting better at, though, is just hanging out in tournaments, waiting and watching. Though eventually it did come to me going all in with Q2 clubs. At that point, I would have been anted and blinded into all-in anyway on the next hand. I say out loud "This hand, or next hand?" But you know, I figure. what the fuck, lets do it and I go all in. The flop is a lovely Q77. I'm back in it. Hooray!

Ok, more on this and AC tomorrow. I don't know what kind of crack I was smoking that made me believe I'd be able to stay awake and forming coherent sentences at 1:34 a.m.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Trip Report in More (Any?) Detail

So Lydia and I met up early at the Port Authority to catch the bus out to Atlantic City. Nothing starts out your Friday like the sweet smell of urine and bus fumes! Mmmm, exhausty! But I actually like taking the bus out because:

a) No driving = sleeping on trip up and back
b) You get a $17 Casino Coupon which makes the round-trip cost of the bus $11.
c) You never know what crazy characters you'll encounter!

On the way up, Lyds and I got seats next to each other and talked poker -- I had brought The Theory of Poker and Championship No Limit & Pot Limit Hold 'Em to brush up and share, but we just gabbed the whole way.

As early as we left, by the time we got checked in to the Taj it was already 1 PM and the $50 + 15 No Limit Tournament for a satellite seat to the Ladies WSOP event was at 2 PM. We headed down to the poker room at the Taj to register and see what was up -- and saw two tables of ladies playing already. Turned out it was the 10 a.m. Omaha 8 PL tourney still going on. I heard later that it had started late -- but also that of the original 18 entrants, all seemed to still be playing at 1 P.M. And because many of those women were registered for the 2 P.M. NL Hold'em event, that was delayed also. And because that was delayed, it ended up having some messed up blind/ante structure, I guess to try and make it end before the 7 P.M. Limit event.

Anyway, I wish I had known before that the previously posted structure wasn't really going to happen -- or that if the event didn't get enough $$ through entries to fund the WSOP seat that it wouldn't award one. I probably wouldn't have entered a $50 +15 winner takes all in the first place, but certainly not if antes of $25 started when the level went to 75/150. Now, if you'll do the math, you'll see that that would make (with 10 at a table) the antes totalling $250 and the blinds only $100. ($25/$75 at that level). That just ain't right. I've never been in a tournament where the antes totalled more than the big blind + small blind. Anyone else?

It only mattered because I wasn't getting any cards -- the highest pair I got was 6s, and while I managed to steal one pot on the button with K-rag, I was pretty much blinded and anted to death pretty quickly. After AK and then A10 didn't work out, I busted out maybe 31st.

Okay, I'll have more trip report later hopefully, but I wanted to get something up.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Atlantic City, my Old Friend

Had a lovely time on Friday in Atlantic City, staying and playing at the Taj, though I won neither of the two tournaments I played in. I did maintain my winning streak with video poker, though. That's something, isn't it?

Here are some of the ladies at the limit tournament:

trump taj card room with ladies

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Cyndy Violette Search Explained

In a previous post I wondered why so many people were coming here all of a sudden hoping to find pics of Cyndy Violette nude. Anonymous reader says:

"The reason why all these searches all the sudden, is probably because on one of the poker shows, the one on FSN, she was playing and the host was explaining her background, and said she had been in playboy. He just left it at that. He should have explained that it was pictures-fully clothed- to go along with the feature article. I Only know of one poker female that has ever posed nude, and that being Jill Ann Spaulding."

Thanks anonymous! For those of you looking for some poker fun that has some sex in it try this flash video of poker night -- with dogs! Aaaaooooooooooooooo.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005 Guide to Poker -- Not Now

Sorry to all who I encouraged to apply to be the guide to poker for -- due to staffing and priorities and blah blah blah they've decided to hold off adding the site until we fill all the unstaffed sites that already exists.

It should exist someday, but who knows when.

Monday, April 11, 2005

NY Post on Underground NYC Card Rooms

The NY Post has a story today about New York's underground card rooms -- I was surprised that the "oldest" one they say is only 3 years old. Can that be true? I pretty much only go to the one they mention on the upper west side, which I love, but have really enjoyed F Train's Card Room Reviews on his blog and keep meaning to arrange to go with him to one of the newer ones.

Alas, I won't have any time this week before the Women's Poker Club Atlantic City event, but hopefully soon.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday Miscellany

Had a great time at Suckout's Omaha 8 tourney last night at Noble and took 3rd place with Lyds taking top prize. I shouldn't have taught her so well! No, she won it on her own poker goodness, and a bit of luck taking her from almost nothing to 1st.

Meanwhile, this Wednesday I'm holding my second official beginner ladies poker class from 7-9 pm at the lovely Baggott Inn, and this month only, attendees get a free copy of my book, so if you or anyone else wants to learn the basics and drink beer -sign up!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Poker in NYC Bars?

Today I saw this in my usually useless and boring Shecky's events for NYC newsletter:

Texas Hold'Em
When: Every Thursday
Where: 48 W. 21st St. (5th & 6th Aves.), Flatiron
Host: TAJ Restaurant & Lounge
What: Texas Hold ’Em
Come press your luck and bring your best poker face for a friendly game of Texas Hold ’Em. Music will be provided by Smooth G & Suhel Versace, and an open vodka bar will be held from 10:30pm-11:30pm.

Open vodka bar? Poker? Can it be true? I'm going to have to check it out, methinks. Anyone want to join?

Be the guide to Poker

There are more than a few bloggers who I'd like to see apply to be the Guide to Poker for, where I hold my day job. (and am doing another blog for them if you wonder where I've gone these days. So much blogging, so little time.)

Anyway, it's a pretty good gig and can be a decent money maker. I'd do it if staff were allowed. But alas, I am out of the running. If you're interested you can apply here. But drop me a line if you want more info and also to let me know if you do apply so I can look out for your app.
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