Friday, July 16, 2004

Livin' the High Life

So it's been hard to concentrate this week, and rather than sitting and checking my e-mail 20 or 30 times an hour to see if a response had come to my counter-offer (what would you call that, anyway, a counter-counter-offer? And if I still want adjustments, is that a counter-counter-counter offer? I can't count that high), I decided to take my $66 in winnings from Wednesday and spend it on beauty and sushi.
Screw those Metronaps, a much better and more relaxing way to spend a half hour is in one of those massaging chairs, having someone make your feet look pretty. In my case, that's impossible, so I'll amend that to prettier. I even sprung for the 10-minute massage, just so I could keep napping.
And upon return, there it was, the counter-counter offer. My lawyer is out of the office, so I guess I have the weekend to mull it over. But I'm happy. I just don't understand all the crazy language. Much, as I imagine, many people feel when I talk to them about poker. There's so much slang to learn! But that's part of what I love. 
update (3 pm): Wow, the wheels turn fast. Lawyer found. Terms explained. Offer accepted. Now I just have to finish my sample chapter and revise the table of contents. I deliver them on Monday and in return I'll receive one brand-new. shiny official contract.

(c) Toby Leah Bochan