Thursday, February 10, 2005

No more no limit... for now at least

I've come down with a crappy winter cold this week which has, as one of its fun symptoms, constantly watering eye. Not both eyes at once, mind you. Just eye. Either the right or the left, like a faucet. Fun!

Anyway, it's been hard to sit at a computer, especially since what I have to relate is that I am no good at no-limit tournaments. Partially I can blame the fact that I have been getting some crap-ass, cold cards at every tournament, but after bleeding away a substantial amount of my bankroll at the TowneHouse and at the NY Blue Parrot Blogger Invitational, I am forced to admit it must be due to my play as well. For more read Pauly, Derek, and Ugarte.

So. Though I lost at the Blue Parrot side game as well, I understood why I lost. (Um, hey, sometimes people really do have two pair against your one twice in a row. Yeah, it's totally possible.) And both online and off, in ring games, I do ok. I make a profit. So I've decided no more no limit for a month.

After deciding that, I also decided I'd just been playing a little too much poker. Playing in real-life games 3-4 times a week and then online -- too much. So I decided to cash out of party poker and basically take some time off. After I cashed out, I realized, home sick from work, that I had all these party points. And there was this freeroll starting shortly. So I decided that it wasn't breaking any rules to enter a freeroll no-limit. And I was sick and bored anyway.

1541 entered. I decided to play loose, fast, and aggressive. What did I care? Free money! Two and a half hours later, I was still playing. And then, I got to bring down the hammer, and dork that I am, I got a screen shot:

It was nice to be able to do. I was riding high, third in chips, confident in making the money. Did I? The top 30 paid. After my pocket aces got cracked by a jack (flop had two of 'em for the ass) I went all-in with 5s and got busted out. 39th. The pain.

My friend comforted me the best he could: "Well, you got out with what you got in for." Nothing.

Anyway, the point is no more no-limit for Toby for February. I've got to re-build my bankroll. So that's my story.


Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Toby, get well soon! Nice Hammer too.

1:28 PM  

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