Wednesday, February 02, 2005

NBC Presents Live Football/Poker vs. Super Bowl Pre-Game - OurSports Central

Oh also, is there anyone in the poker world who doesn't know who wins the Poker Superstars Championship to be broadcast after the superbowl? I found out in August when I was in Vegas. It seems a lot less compelling to watch, but I'll still watch.

edited to add: I just realized that what I wrote sort of reads snobby, which isn't what I meant. It's just that I thought it'd be the one time I had inside gossip (the dealer at one table in Vegas had just dealt the PSC) but every time I tried to pass on the secret, the person already knew. No fun.


Blogger Charles Star said...

I don't know! I try to stay away from insider info on everything but WSOP (which is unavoidable). So don't tell me!

11:28 PM  

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