Friday, September 09, 2005

WCOOP Event #5 Begins

Jesus F. Christo -- when I first looked this morning, there were 826 people registered for this thing. 10 minutes before starting, there are over 1540.

It's going to be a long day. Hopefully.

Update: Final Starting Line #: 1781. First Prize: $78,364

First Break: I had a lousy run of cards for the 1st half hour, but after getting pocket Aces right before the first break, things are looking up for me. I'm at 3340 in chips. Only 7 players are out so far, which is, in my opinion, quite a feat. I mean, how do you lose it all when the blinds are 20/40 and 30/60 for an hour?

Anyway, 1774 remain.

Second Break:
Well, things went not as well and I'm back down to 2540, almost where I started. Now that the blinds are about to go to 150/300, many are dropping. 1343 remain, including Wil Wheaton, who hasn't sat down at his seat et. If you were wondering, after 2 hours of not playing and being blinded off, you'd have 1120 in chips left, as Wil does. I wonder if he's going to show at all?

After break: I sat down to a nice pair of Kings which held up. Maybe things are looking up? Or maybe now I have cursed myself by writing this?

Apparently not. I just got AJ and flopped broadway. Oh, now I've really gone and garnered Gamblor's ire. But it was so sweet to be re-raised when I flopped the nuts...

5:30: Just watched Scurvydog get knocked out. Hardly seems fair, since I saw him get sucked out on pretty hard before. :( -- That's right! Sad emoticon! I said it.

So blogger went down and so did I eventually, finishing 333rd. Snowmen (88) against AJ. Had him til the river, then...the ace. C'est la poker.

Now c'est la time for beer and dinner.


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