Saturday, July 30, 2005

Jen Tilly on Tonight Show

Jen Tilly, winner of the 2005 Ladies Event at the World Series, was a guest on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and I jotted down the part where she talked, very rapidly, about poker. Read on for the almost stream-of-concious words from Tilly on how she felt about winning, whether she thinks she should be considered a pro, and her boyfriend, Phil Laak. My fave part is where she describes the chip counts when she was heads-up. 57 chips, huh?

“But you can play poker. I was astounded. I would not have taken you for a poker player.”

Jennifer Tilly:
“I was astonished too. As it started to approach the moment where I thought I might possibly be winning a new piece of jewelry…I was freaking out. And you know, I had almost all the chips, I had like 1,300 chips and the other girl had maybe, um, 57 chips.

"And I was like I know, because I’m on ESPN and the camera are on me
There’s going to be some way I’m going to lose my entire stack in one hand.
But it did not happen.”

“And how much did you win?”

Jennifer Tilly:
“I won $158,000. And I won the respect of all my fellow poker players. But I sort of think they’re not really respecting me, I think they’re respecting me to my face.

And I read articles where people are saying, ‘What do you think of Jennifer Tilly winning the World Series of poker?’ to other poker players and they’re very tactful, they’re like ‘Oh, well. You know, it’s good for everybody.’
But I think theyre thinking it’s a fluke.


Jennifer Tilly:
In fact I know they’re thinking it’s a fluke. I think they’re thinking, “Oh Jennifer Tilly winning a is kind of like Pia Zadora winning a Golden Globe – it can happen.”

“How did you get paid?”

Jennifer Tilly:
“You have your choices of how you get paid. You can get paid in a check that’s about this size, or you can get paid in cash, which is what all the poker players like. They love cash. Like I never understood the virtues of cash -- I always had credit cards, a lot of credit cards, and a little bit of cash.

“Cash is sexy. When you have a check it’s just a piece of paper. But
when you have cash and it’s like $10,000 -- it’s like that thick and the best sound in the world is when you snap the rubber band around it.

“So I wanted to pick up my money, $158,000 dollars in cash. Because I thought how big will it be? Will it be this big? Will it be that big? I was very excited, but I didn’t want to walk around with a big satchel of cash like in a bad movie.

“So I kept saying to Phil [Laak], my boyfriend, he’s a poker player too -- And one thing poker players do is they have cash stashed all over the world. They have no idea. He claims he has cash in Madagascar, or something. He says he buried under a tree. But everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie so I don’t know if that’s true.

“So I kept saying, ‘Let’s go I want to pick up my $158,000 dollars.’ He won $156,000 the exact same day playing Johnny Chan.

“I won two thousand dollars more than him and I won a gold bracelet. I’m not rubbing it in…but I think that that makes me a professional poker player, I don’t care what the other poker players say.

"So I was like ‘Let’s go get our money, let’s go get our money,” and he, just -- too tired. Couldn’t get around it. Phil used to come and visit me when we first started dating, he would say I’ll be around 8, 9 or whatever. And he used to live at the Commerce Casino, I mean I don’t mean to make him sound like a degenerate but that’s where he lived. So he would leave his room and there was always a poker game going on downstairs, he would never make it to my house. Maybe 17 hours later, maybe 32 hours later. So I said to Phil…

"Am I talking too fast?

And on that note, the story was never to be completed, as Leno steered her to discussing her new movie, “St. Ralph.” when he was able to get a word in edgewise. Pity.


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That gave me a head ache. Good job writing that down as fast as she was talking.

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