Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Chicks with Chips Miscellany

Last Thursday my game was not on, which didn't help my mood -- but a great weekend filled with friends, lots of fried food, and Team America (Fuck Yeah!) turned that frown upside down. Still, since unlike most of the poker blogging community, I don't really play a lot online -- I have a Mac at home and it limits the options, on top of which, since I work in the online world I often don't feel like being at the computer once I get home -- I don't have a lot to say about playing poker lately. Since there hasn't been any. Oh the broken poker promises I have suffered!

On top of which, even though it's been a month since the 20-hour-days at the computer, I still am having a hard time sitting down and writing much of anything. So let's see what some other women players (or their family members) have to say on the subject of poker, shall we?

"It takes a lot to be a winner. You have to be part mathematician, part actor, part psychologist -- and have a real competitive nature. Aggression is also very important in poker." -- Evelyn Ng

"I prefer playing with men. Women tend to be petty—if you beat them, they tell you were lucky. With men, the aggression is straightforward, and I love it. Instead of frightening me, it goads me on. I have a great desire to win, and I love the competition. One of these days, I’m going to be up there in Binion’s Hall of Fame with the other poker greats." --Barbara Freer

"The cardinal sin in poker, worse than playing bad cards, worse even than figuring your odds correctly, is becoming emotionally involved. While the game requires that you fully engage with other players at the table, that you pay attention to their quirks and personalities, you’re not supposed to identify with them in any way. You are, in other words, expected to empathize with your opponents while remaining devoid of all compassion. It is very hard to do." -- Katy Lederer

“I think there’s still some sexism at the table, but nothing like it used to be. It’s even come a long way since I started to play in big games a few years ago. I used to get a lot of, “How does somebody like you learn the game?” I’ve always hated that question. The way they ask it makes me sound like a jockey trying out for the NBA or something like that. How does somebody like me learn the game?
I picked it up the usual way: from my dad when I was a kid. I started to play a little more regularly when I dated a poker player in college. Then, when I moved to New York, I formed a regular game with some friends at my old job. It’s not like I’m a one-armed wrestler, or even a Hebrew Jesus Scholar. I’m just a woman who makes her living playing cards." --Melissa Hayden

"If woman holds a very strong hand, she may want to sometimes play it passively to allow the overly aggressive male to put money in the pot. By sometimes checking and calling you can induce people with weak hands to bet your hand for you....Often if a woman checks the man will assume she is weak and will bet. If a woman bets or raises they will often give her credit for a good hand,” even when the woman is bluffing." -- Kathy Liebert

I have been promised poker this Thursday and next, but I'm hosting my own Halloween Hold'em party because sometimes you just have to make your own fun.


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