Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Why Does A-10 Hate Me?

So I just got back from a tournament, $60 freeze-out. Got knocked out 13th out of 45. Queens were so good to me, the ladies loving me, but the A10? Has it in for me.

I lost half my stack with A10 of diamonds to a straight, fair enough. I only had tens with an ace kicker. But then the very next hand, what should I see in the hole but A10 diamonds again. With the blinds at 200/400 and $75 antes for each hand, I've got only $1800 left and I figure, ok, this time it'll work out. I put out $800. Of course, the next player goes all-in. What am I to do? Go all in too. What should he turn over but K8 diamonds. Yay! I figure I have it made.

The flop, QJ6, rainbow. The turn? a beautiful 9. Yay again! His only out now is one of those 8s, since a king would give me a straight. Well, we all know what comes next. The 8. Boo!!!

It was my first non-smoking night of poker and I have to say, I really feel good about my play. I probably shouldn't have called with that first A10, but the second one? Anyway, I also made a tough but good call with KKJxx on the board. I had AJ, but even though the guy was betting like he had the king, I felt he didn't. And he didn't. Just an ace. I'm usually bullied out of hands like that so I feel overall, positive about tonight. And hey, better 13th than 6th, one off the money, right. Right???

I will say that it took all my willpower not to bum a smoke after getting knocked out. But I didn't. But I still want one. And my jaw hurts from nicorette chewing.


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