Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Poker Quote for Today

The word "heart" carries a particular meaning in the poker player’s vocabulary. Fiendishly hard to define, but a lot more than mere grace under pressure, it has to do with courage and ingenuity, nerve and self-possession. "Heart" is what you need to take your life in your hands, to back you own instincts against the whims of fate, in the toughest, coldest, most fearless company.
-Anthony Holden

I write this because I wish I had grace under pressure. Self possession! Ha! I've got courage and ingenuity though. Nerve -- well, I'm bull-headed and willing to loudly voice my opinions -- does that count?

I just wonder how one learns to break out of emotional patterns and responses that are hard-baked in you since childhood. I've always, as long as I can remember, found that when I get angry, really angry, I cry. When I get excited with joy or rage, I shake. I am able to keep it together in most situations and "act" normal for maybe ten minutes, but I can't keep it up. And how often does a poker game last ten minutes? I have to be able to learn to not flush with happiness over a full house or get depressed and fatalistic after a few bad beats in a row.

I've been thinking for a number of reasons of starting up practicing Martial Arts again because while I was doing that I felt more emotionally balanced, and more able to work out my frustrations and excess energy through kicking and punching things.

I wonder if there are other martial artist/poker players? I bet my assistant, Mr. Google can tell me.


Blogger David said...

I practice martial arts and play poker as well, though neither as much as I should like to. I do a lot of other stuff too, I suppose therein lies the problem.

But I am a martial artist/poker player. Glad there's more than one of us out there.

11:33 AM  

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