Monday, November 15, 2004

Poker Google News Alerts

So, I've had google news alerts set up for "poker," "Texas Hold'em," and some particular women players, but lately the headlines are getting better and better. In the beginning, 4 out of 6 would include some joke on how poker is red hot! but now they're getting more entertaining.

My favorites from the week (besides the toy one in the last post)include "Next up: Extreme Old Maid!" and "Bikers hold toy/poker 'run'", but my favorite story that of the week that google dropped in my inbox:

WWII veteran finds himself in painting

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Jean Muth was skimming the Sunday newspaper when she spotted a listing for a World War II museum exhibit and stopped to scrutinize a painting of sailors playing poker aboard the "Lucky Lizzy."

To her surprise, a closer examination revealed her husband, Frank, sitting slightly above the other sailors.

How fun is that? More fun than poker boot camp, even.


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