Thursday, March 03, 2005


I don't usually play multi-table tournaments, since I'm still loving the turbo single-tables and doing fine playing 1/2 Hold Em ring games on Stars, but last night I was kind of bored and there was a $10 buy-in MTT, and well, into it I went. I actually played in a pot-limit MTT this last weekend with Matt who outlasted me and made the money. I find it's a lot more fun to play in these if there's someone else you can sweat when you're not in hands. I entered last night's MTT alone, and lost a large part of my stack when AQs screwed me as it often does, but managed not to totally lose it and just go all-in on nothing. Which is tempting when you have T500 left. But then you realized the limits are only 15/30 still and it's not over for you yet.

Anyway, I wasn't paying the most attention to the game and I watched a heart flush win and then someone said "Oh, The Nut Heart Flush." I thought, are they talking to me? I didn't remember if it was indeed the nut heart flush, but it still seemed like too much of a cooincidence. I typed "Do you know me?" and indeed, he did. It was the first time I've been recognized online. I asked if the player had a blog, he did, and then it clicked. It was on_thg who won the February blogger tourney. How cool. It made the next 30 minutes a lot more fun. I doubled up with AA, but then lost it all slowly and then very quickly when I went all-in with the sad A6s. I stayed and watched On_thg for a while, but not long enough to see him make it to 71st. Congrats. Hey, it might not have been the big money, but it was some money.

Anyway, we both agreed it was time for another blogger tourney. And lo and behold -- one is in the works! Thanks Pauly for keeping the blogworld in the know and CJ for organizing.

Edited to add: I'm an idiot.. CJ is organizing the live blogger tourney. Still, if I can, I will go. So, the question remains, who will organize the next online blogger tourney? I vote for not me! I suck at organizing! And reading, apparently!


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