Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Today, I'm all aflutter. First off, tonight I'm holding the Beginners Ladies Poker Class at what I hope will work out to be its permanent new location, the Baggott Inn. I've been teaching women poker in on-the-fly groups irregularly for a while, but I'm hoping they take off and I can hold them monthly. But really, I'm nervous about the news that the book is going to be reviewed in Poker Player Newspaper. It's not so much the paper itself, though it is cool to be in there, but the whole concept of being reviewed. I have no reason to believe that people are going to hate the book, but I also have only let friends read it so far.

Let's just say, even though I've considered myself a writer for over a decade, I've never been one who loved writing workshops and getting critiqued by a group. Or at all. Sometimes I just want to write things and hide them forever in drawers. Speaking of which, a fellow poker blogger who once had the misfortune of being in a poetry workshop with me has arranged an awesome Omaha 8 Freeroll on Noble Poker this Friday, which is forcing me to sign up for yet another site. Hey, they're offering a 100% signup bonus. And I really am getting into Omaha, so I've got no excuse.


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