Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Birthday, Bodog, blah blah blah

Well, I made it to my 31st birthday and now can say I've quit smoking for a whole year. Weee. Meanwhile, I'm still chewing nicorette. Boooo.

In other news, still doing the majority of the bloggity blog thing at and sadly, am missing the big blogger bash in Vegas this weekend. Booo.

Lastly, I did an interview over at Bodog a while back and they finally got it up: Women Can Be Sharks, Too. There's a cute pic by Matt to go with it.


Blogger phooky said...

Happy birthday. You're 31, but you're still smokin'.

(Although come to think of it, I haven't seen you in a while, so maybe you're a hag now. You're not a hag now, are you?)

11:23 AM  

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