Friday, July 30, 2004

Off for the weekend

Last night I returned after an over-long hiatus, to my regular Thursday night game. It was great fun as always and reminded me why I love playing so. And the best part of the evening was when I looked at my hole cards and saw the 7-9 of hearts.

I often choose a "bad" hand to play with all night -- meaning that it's a hand that if I played strictly by the books, I would always fold (unless I was unraised in the big blind) -- but that I decide to play to randomize my style. For a while it was K-3, but now I'm changing night to night. Since I had just written about the 7-9, I had picked it. Now, when I get this hand, I play it like it was Aces. I raise before the flop. I raise after the flop. Last night the flop came 10-10-5, with one heart, giving me exactly nothing. But I bet it like I held the 10 and eventually, everyone folded to me. I knew, I knew none of them had a 10. It was great. It was a pretty exciting night, hand-wise, though, with full houses beating lesser full houses more than once. I beat 8's full of Aces (888aa) with Aces full of 8's (aaa88), then later saw Aces full of Jacks beat Aces full of Tens. Now that's a bad beat.

And I left a winner to the tune of $67. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I'm off to a place without the Internet this weekend so I can get some serious work done on the book. Wish me luck.


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