Monday, July 26, 2004

Poker Class

Thanks to all the ladies who came to the women's poker class at Hope & Union. I think it was a definite success. It was really helpful for me to see when I was talking over people's heads and what I needed to learn to explain better. You forget after you get immersed in this world that not everyone knows words like "ante" "check" and the difference between calling and raising. And you've gotta get that stuff down before you can start talking about bluffing and position. And I think everyone learned something :).

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to host another class until after I turn in the book -- I was just talking to someone in Atlantic city at the Taj about touring the poker facilities and so on, and she asked when I was planning the trip. I said, not this weekend but the next and she said, so August 7th, then? Holy shit! August 7th is the weekend after next! So so much to do before then.

For instance, fix the keyboard on my computer. Which is what I'm waiting and waiting to get done right now at Tekserve in Chelsea. I'm glad the nice people here have computers for me to use while I wait. Cause I can't waste time!

I will start doing the classes again in late September and my plan for the next one is to do it Holdem only. It's what I can teach the best.

Tonight, another night of poker -- this time meeting a women pro based here in NYC. I'm going to be testing out my iTalk attachment for my iPod to record the interview -- hopefully it'll work.

Meanwhile, noone's calling any numbers at all here at the speedy Tekserve. I may be here a while. Crap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, God, Tekserve. I love them dearly, but yeah you do end up sitting there forever. I keep thinking I should bring my iPod and a Firewire and download a bunch of the tunes they have on their computers instead of just looking at the same Sims expansion packages over and over...

Ron (

9:12 PM  
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