Monday, January 03, 2005

Quick Look Back at 2004...

So I've been busy lately playing poker at most spare seconds between holiday festivities like doing the New Year's Eve Critical Mass Ride with Matt who has a lot of excellent pics, and spending Xmas at the Schoolhouse with the fam and um.... drinking? Is that a festivity? Or just part of them? Anyway.

I went up to Harrah's in Atlantic City to try and score a satellite seat in the WSoP, failed, but won back most of my entry fee playing the 2/4 table while I waited for my friend to get knocked out, so that was good. I've also been playing a lot more online, both in tournaments and in live games, and have been surprised that I've been doing better in the tourneys than the limit games. Anyway, I hope all this practice playing helps me on Wednesday when I'm (thanks to alert reader Ron) playing in the media charity WSoP event at ESPN sports zone.

Ok, I'm off to get off my ass and get to the gym. A more in-depth post to come.


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