Friday, March 18, 2005

In Good Company

I did an interview for a Texas Newspaper article about poker, and was pleasantly surprised to find the other poker people the reporter talked to were Gary Thompson, director of WSoP operations, Brad Daughterty, a WSoP champ I'm not that familiar with, and...Chris "Jesus" Ferguson. Cool.

I'm identified as "Toby Bochan, poker player/author/woman"

and what made it in were some mushed-together quotes on "How to beat the boys" including the all-important:

3. Take a last resort.

''Wear a low-cut shirt.''

Read the full article here (reg. required).

Maybe that was my problem last night at my regular game. I was just wearing a regular t-shirt.... Nah. My problem was getting trips and two pairs rivered by flushes, high pairs getting sucked out by low two pairs, and a general lack of aggression. There was also one guy on a crazy mad rush last night -- he took my money and a few others. Ah poker.


Anonymous manda said...

don't feel bad, that mean stefan took mostly my money. three times in head to head. each time I was roundly beaten, but he was just so smug that pride made it hard to fold. alas.

12:50 PM  

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