Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Trip Report in More (Any?) Detail

So Lydia and I met up early at the Port Authority to catch the bus out to Atlantic City. Nothing starts out your Friday like the sweet smell of urine and bus fumes! Mmmm, exhausty! But I actually like taking the bus out because:

a) No driving = sleeping on trip up and back
b) You get a $17 Casino Coupon which makes the round-trip cost of the bus $11.
c) You never know what crazy characters you'll encounter!

On the way up, Lyds and I got seats next to each other and talked poker -- I had brought The Theory of Poker and Championship No Limit & Pot Limit Hold 'Em to brush up and share, but we just gabbed the whole way.

As early as we left, by the time we got checked in to the Taj it was already 1 PM and the $50 + 15 No Limit Tournament for a satellite seat to the Ladies WSOP event was at 2 PM. We headed down to the poker room at the Taj to register and see what was up -- and saw two tables of ladies playing already. Turned out it was the 10 a.m. Omaha 8 PL tourney still going on. I heard later that it had started late -- but also that of the original 18 entrants, all seemed to still be playing at 1 P.M. And because many of those women were registered for the 2 P.M. NL Hold'em event, that was delayed also. And because that was delayed, it ended up having some messed up blind/ante structure, I guess to try and make it end before the 7 P.M. Limit event.

Anyway, I wish I had known before that the previously posted structure wasn't really going to happen -- or that if the event didn't get enough $$ through entries to fund the WSOP seat that it wouldn't award one. I probably wouldn't have entered a $50 +15 winner takes all in the first place, but certainly not if antes of $25 started when the level went to 75/150. Now, if you'll do the math, you'll see that that would make (with 10 at a table) the antes totalling $250 and the blinds only $100. ($25/$75 at that level). That just ain't right. I've never been in a tournament where the antes totalled more than the big blind + small blind. Anyone else?

It only mattered because I wasn't getting any cards -- the highest pair I got was 6s, and while I managed to steal one pot on the button with K-rag, I was pretty much blinded and anted to death pretty quickly. After AK and then A10 didn't work out, I busted out maybe 31st.

Okay, I'll have more trip report later hopefully, but I wanted to get something up.


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