Thursday, August 12, 2004

This is is my brain on....

Computers? Staring at the computer for 16 hours straight yesterday has made me feel dumb. Once, when I was in college I participated in a medical study (Gooooo Science!) where I did simple computer tasks and memory tests while they took a PET scan. They gave me a transparency of the results as a souvenir:

Which made it totally worth it to be injected with radioactive material. The guy who was running the test complimented me on having "a very symmetrical brain." I thought that was funny and asked, "Don't most people?" But apparently some people's left and right lobes are lopsided.

All I know is that right now my brain hurts. I wonder what it would look like inside there right now. I feel like you could catch some kind of tiny neuron revolution beginnning, little brain cells demanding to be freed from the topic of poker. What do we want? No more poker writing! When do we want it? Now!

Well, sorry little rebel brain, we've all got to go back to the poker mines together.


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