Tuesday, September 07, 2004

2 (non poker) things

I host the pictures on this blog on the wonderful Buzznet, which has made a camera phone worth having, but right now their servers are all wonky so I apologize for all the broken images. I still recommend the service, though. I mean, it's free and you can send pics right from your phone -- very cool.

Getting published, as a writer, is sort of like time travel. I recently discovered that an anthology I must have submitted to in 2000 has finally come out. It's a anthology about diabetes, which my ex-fiance had. I can also tell exactly when they asked for a bio by my weird response, which indicates that it was during a time when my ex and I were on a "break," years before the big break. It's sort of like when you google yourself and discover some totally random thing about yourself on the Web. For instance, you can find my terrible batting records from when I was a kid playing in my dad's all-adult game. It totally brought me back to that one, solitary, beautiful hit I got that year.


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