Saturday, September 04, 2004

A Plethora of Poker Books

I thought I'd read a lot of books about poker over these past six months, but I had no idea how many books have been written about poker. Jeez. Of the 600 listed, these are some of the ladies I guess I'll be joining:

Isaacs, Susie - Ms Poker - Up Close and Personal, 1999. Not only does she write and play poker, she makes jewelry too. Smart idea. I hope I kept the merchandising rights.

Lederer, Katherine - Poker Face - A Girlhood Among Gamblers, 2003. I’ll soon be reading this memoir written by the sister of Annie Duke & Howard Lederer. She’s also a good poet. Here’s the coincindence of the day: she read in the same reading series as I once did.

Mumey, Nolie -- Poker Alice - Alice Ivers, Duffield, Tibbs Huckert (1851-1930), History of a Woman Gambler in the West, 1951. Will the real Poker Alice please stand up? Please stand up? Please – ah, there she is.

Van Vleet, Laura A & Norris, G L - Playing with the Big Boys - A Woman's Guide to Poker, 2002. Clearly, this one’s going for the same demographic as me. Haven’t read it. I feel like it would be a bad idea to look at it before I finished my own book.

Wener, Louise -- The Big Blind - Novel of High Stakes, Lost Love & Poker, 2003.This is the only one of these books I’ve read, but re-titled for us Americans, “The Perfect Play.” Entertaining, funny summer read.

Woods, Carol M - Ladies at Poker, 1996. A play for seniors – who knew?

Other on the list include: Allan, Laura – The Laws of Poker, 1929; Ballard, Martha - - Shakespeare on Poker, 1906; Cady, Alice Howard - Poker - The Modern Game, with Passing Description of its Origin, 1895; Davis, Jill - Girls' Poker Night - A Novel of High Stakes, 2002; Glass, Mary Ellen - Nevada's Turbulent '50s, 1981; Knapp, Bettina -- Gambling, Game, and Psyche, 2000; Levez, Belinda Teach Yourself How to Win at Poker, 2001; Riddle, Ethel Maris -- Aggressive Behavior In A Small Social Group - Bluffing, Risking, And The Desire To Beat . . . Studied by the Use of a Poker Game as an Experimental Technique, 1925

Even if I had another month, I couldn’t get to them all. But I’d probably try.


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