Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Running Bad

So it's definite: I'm on a losing streak.

I lost again on Thursday, because I suck the big ass at pot limit poker -- I've been playing a sort of crappy weak-tight game on Thursdays for the last few games anyway, and it sure doesn't work for pot limit. I wasn't far down until the pot limit began, and then promptly lost 50 bucks or so on one hand. Then I got to the dangerous -- well, it's easier just to lose this last stack in one hand rather than bother to cash out -- mindset. Buh-bye money. Nice knowin' ya.

On Sunday, I played much better in the 11-handed Halloween Hold'em party I threw. The whole Trouple was there, as was Jennie and her hubbie, and various other wonderful friends. Still, I was the big loser, but more because of baddish beats and cold cards than my own play, which wasn't at its best since it was my party and I felt I had to host and help new players, but I wasn't playing terribly even after I announced "this is where Toby goes on tilt." I lost a few big hands -- flopped the nut straight and got beat by a flush on the river, that sort of thing. Since it was only 1/2 Hold'em, it was hard to get people out of hands, but still, when you realize your game log is reading in the negative numbers for the first time in six months, you have to admit the problem is probably you.

I read a few articles (1, 2) on losing streaks, but right now I'm just so concerned with the fear that Bush will win / Kerry will lose that I'm having trouble concentrating. Would be a bad night for poker -- though two of the guys I play with do have a dime (by which I mean $1000) riding on the results of the election.


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