Monday, January 03, 2005

ESPN: Especially Sucking Playing Now

Before I begin relaying my brief and bad play in the charity tournament at ESPN Zone - New York, I will say it was very cool to go. Among the people present were Doyle Brunson and his son, Phil Gordon, and Howard Lederer. There were also a lot of interesting media type personalities, and I met a few really cool people, one of which is going to hook me up with a poker listserv type deal for NYC. Excellent.

So the tournament. I lost most of my $1500 in chips in hand #1 that I played, which was totally, completly bad play on my part, when I wouldn't give up my lame pair to what was probably at least pocket aces and turned out to be trips. That was bad of me.

Hand #3 of the tournament had me going all in with KQ suited, which lost to Q4 suited when he hit his flush. That was bad of him, but I still lost. So Doctors Without Borders didn't get the charity money, but some (I'm sure) other worthy one did. The upside of getting knocked out when I did is I got to talk with Howard Lederer for about a half hour, and related how I was one degree of separation from him 3 different ways: have talked with Annie Duke, his sis, play with someone he knows, and also play with the son of his lawyer. Small poker world.

So, that's the update from the kickoff event for the WSoP. Now I just have to get to the real one.


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