Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Just When I Thought I Was Out...

They keep dragging me back in! I cashed out of Party a while back, but I just got an email in which they told me that they're giving me 15 free dollars. I can't cash it out until I play 150 hands, but hey, free dummy! I mean money! I mean dummy.

Meanwhile, I had a long post that got erased by the cursed blogger but I wanted to thank Iggy, Pauly, DonkeyPuncher, Matt, and Lydia for the blog pimpin' shoutouts. Y'all rock.

And also I wanted to say I'm a little flipped out by the idea that everyone has gotten or is getting their copies of my book now. It's kind of like being workshopped by the whole world at once. I might be hiding under my desk for the rest of the week.


Blogger Poker Gamer said...


Nice site. That's awesome you have a book. I'm new to the poker blog scene but not new to poker. :) I'm essentially playing for a living right now ($15-30) and this year my goal is to meet a great deal of poker players to make new friends and learn from them. I'm trying to create a little community and learn more about the different players who blog. I'd love to get more traffic on my site. If you like my site, would you mind linking to it? Also, I hope you don't mind but I linked to yours so I can read it frequently.


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