Tuesday, May 24, 2005

So Much Poker, So Little Time Left to Write About It

I missed the first going-away game for Pauly on Saturday, but managed to make it to last night's game at the Blue Parrot with Derek, FTrain, Coach, Julie, and Marie. We played dealer's choice -- and you could call either a single hand of the game or a round -- with lots of Omaha 8 and Razz, which I'd never actually played before. I mainly just folded my Razz hands, I think rightly, but I can't say for sure about that. Anyway, you can't lost money you don't bet, right? Much fun was had (including some very entertaining stacking of a deck and the hammer), and I left with 5 whole dollars more than I started with! Wooo.

Now maybe I can double my money at Pauly's freeroll tonight! Then they'll be no stopping me.


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