Friday, July 08, 2005

Poker & Whiskey? No way.

First, thanks to all for the congrats and well-wishing. With the WSOP underway, the poker site is up and running. Take a look. I am very, very open to submissions, and though I am very, very poor right now since I have no reliable income, I cannot promise money (yet), but I can promise linkage and pimpage from the poker site, which is part of, which gets about 22 million unique visitors a month, which is owned by the NY Times, so you can be all "I wrote something (sort of) for the NY Times," and all that. If you have an idea or something you already wrote on your blog that you would like to submit, do so to me at @

Meanwhile, since I'm stuck here in NYC and I'm not in Vegas playing or reporting on the WSOP, I got back to my regular game last night and enjoyed a profitable dealer's choice filled night, which was also filled with much, much liquor. Good times, good times. I was getting sick good cards in five card draw -- was dealt three of a kind twice. I confused the drunken shit out of everyone when I called double-draw, and enjoyed turning California lowball from one player's favorite game to his most detested. And for a change used the chips to my bullying advantage when pot-limit games came to the drunken night to dance.

Anyway, when I came stumbling home, I found that an article I did an interview for came out in The Connecticut Post on women in poker. My favorite quote?

"'Maybe their father played down in the basement with cigar smoke and whiskey-drinking,' she said. 'Who wants to get involved with that?'"

Umm.. yeah. Who would want to get involved in that?


Blogger Drizztdj said...

*raises hand*

I'll take the whiskey/smoke/card playing over being a cube monkey anyday :)

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tobey, congrats on finishing the poker section.

I have a couple of articles I would like to submit. I already sent an email to, hope you like them.


2:59 AM  

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