Friday, July 01, 2005

Jen Tilly on Late Late Late Show

So I got back last night from my first experience as a "real" card dealer -- I totally wore a white waiter shirt and black skirt outfit and everything -- I dealt a charity tournament for the T.J. Martell Foundation. It was pretty interesting, to deal to a group of people who mostly didn't know the first thing about Texas Hold'em, and had paid $500 to help a good cause and maybe win 4 days on a private island or a weekend in a french Chateau. I'm telling you, the prizes were pretty impressive. Had I been playing, I totally would have been happy with 3rd too -- roundtrip tix for 2 to Vegas, put up at Caesars and tickets to see Motley Crue. Ok, I don't care about Motley Crue but, you know.

Anyway, when I got home, I wasn't sleepy so I ended up somehow watching the late, late show with Craig Ferguson, who I guess has taken over from the other Craig without me noticing. But yay I did, because Jennifer Tilly, 2005 Ladies WSOP winner, was a guest.

Wearing a cleavagetastic black dress and looking lovely, Tilly was there to promote her 'PG-13 lesbian role" in a new movie, which her boyfriend Phil "can I say the unabomber more" Laak apparently "Cried the whole way through" when they watched it. According to Tilly, "He cries a lot, Phil."

She then discussed how she needs a poker nickname better than Jen "The Boobs" Tilly, though her dress said otherwise. She suggested Jennifer "Tremble in Your Shoes" Tilly, while Ferguson countered with Jen "The Talker" Tilly. I do think something that references her unique vocal stylings is the direction to go.

She was especially funny/cute describing how a crowd gathered around her table. She figured that people thought, "Oh, there's that wacky, crazy Jennifer Tilly. Let's her watch her play poker and shenanigans will ensue!" But since after a fiasco on Poker Royale, she realized she could not be entertaining AND play poker -- so she would just put on her sunglasses and glower.

It was fun to watch. And she brought her bracelet and her boyfriend, Phil "It's the Bleach from my Hair Processes that Makes Me Cry" Laak, was smiling on the sidelines.


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