Saturday, September 11, 2004

Easy Money

Ignatious, who I hope kept safe from hurricanes and can return to his voluminous and entertaining blog,Guinness and Poker soon, kindly pointed out another dame who deals with poker, Stripper by Night, which I can’t believe I hadn’t found yet.

As anyone who knows me in real life knows, I have a fondness for strippers after hanging out in a lot of strip clubs while writing my MFA thesis, which contained interconnected short stories about strippers (here is one that was quickly and sloppily posted). She’s recently decided to make the switch from being a stripper first and poker player second and go pro.

It's interesting to me because both being a poker player and being a stripper are viewed by much of the population as ways to make "easy money." But as anyone who's done either can tell you, there's nothing easy about it.


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