Friday, November 05, 2004

Morning has broken

Ah... losing streak over. Thank Jebus.

It was interesting to see how much better I was playing and how much more I enjoyed the game when I was solidly ahead all night. We played 7- or 8-handed all night which is where I'm best. That said, I was hitting some really lucky flops with questionable hands -- like when I stayed in with Q6 on the button and the flop came Q-6-6. I hit a full house or paired up on the river slightly more than I should have, statistically. And I got dealt bullets twice during the night, and they held up once, during pot limit which made it all the sweeter.

It was also the final game for the only other woman who plays in the game, who broke the boy's night seal years ago. She's a really good, aggressive player, so I'll probably do better without her in the game, but I'll miss having another chick with chips at the table. I just need to find a new lady who's willing to press her luck once a week with me.


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