Thursday, January 13, 2005

All In and All Over the TV

Well, tonight "Tilt" debuts on ESPN and the early reviews are not good. I can't say I'm shocked.

I felt like with Las Vegas, Caesar's 24/7, Poker Royale, and of course the coverage of the WSoP and WPT, in addition to Celebrity Poker, there could be no more poker or Las Vegas shows. But no, there's more. The latest? A Crib's-like show on E! called Hollywood Poker Night. Looking at the list, I have to Dick?

Anyway, my favorite moment from the review of "Tilt" is Seth Stevenson's description of his favorite moment of the show:

In a back-room game, one guy says (with a carefully scripted blend of anger and accurate poker terminology), "No string bets here, bitch." When his opponent pulls out a small pistol, the guy draws a much bigger gun and shouts, "This time I raise!" (If only the second guy had then rolled in a massive cannon. "Reraise, bitch!")

If that was in the show, I'd watch it for sure.


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