Thursday, January 06, 2005

More of ESPN Charity Tourny

Ron of, fills in some more holes in his post For a Taste of Your Whiskey, I'll Give You Some Advice, and reminded me that also in attendance were Mike Caro, Robert Williamson, and Antonio Esfandiari and Scott Fischman, who both won WSoP bracelets last year.

At one point Mike Caro came over to our table and looked at the 3 all in hands, A10, AK, and (I think) QQ, and commented "Huh, 3 very reasonable, all-ins in one hand! All 3 people playing correctly!"

I picked up his book on tells a while back and didn't find it really useful -- I feel like it's hard to teach that a) in a book format, using still pictures and b) at all. I sort of feel you learn by playing and there's no better way than that. I mean, sure my hands and many others shake when they've got a good hand, but I get shakey a lot of other times too. It's not that it's not good general advice, but I don't know how much I or anyone could translate that to the table.

Also, am very excited to find at the end of Pauly's blog report about playing at the Blue Parrot to find that I'm invited to "first ever NYC bloggers NL tournament called The Blue Parrot Invitational." I've already emailed to say I'll be there. It'll be the first time I meet many of the bloggers I read regularly in the flesh.

Speaking of which, I'm going to finally add that poker blogroll to the side, and clean up this here blog a little soon. It's all a-cluttery now. Maybe that's why I'm not posting as much. Bad Blog Design Feng Shui.


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