Monday, January 17, 2005

So Far So Good for Party Poker

So I've spent a lot of this 3-day weekend playing on Party Poker, and so far I've done pretty well at the single-table tournaments and haven't tried any multi-tables, but then I kept losing the money I won at the SnGs playing low-limit hold'em. But I seem to be kicking the ass of the lowest-limit Omaha games so far -- it's like people have no idea how to play at all. The pots, even on these .50/1 tables, routinely reach over 10 bucks with 6+ people on average seeing the flop. It's great practice for me since I'm just really trying to learn Omaha and the people who I'm sitting at these tables with seem to just be playing for shits and giggles or something. I'm not sure. All I know is that I just won 20 bucks in 10 minutes at limits where that shouldn't happen. I only played in 3 hands. 3!

Now can someone tell me how to find fellow bloggers on Party? I'm sort of an idiot about some of this stuff.


Blogger F-Train said...

There's a buddy list feature under one of the drop-down menus for adding fish -- er, friends so you can see when they're online. Again, you need to know their screen name.

Also, there's a search feature under one of the drop-down menus. "Search for tables". Once you open that, you can either search for tables that meet defined criteria or search for players (assuming you know their screen name).

Use the two in tandem to find people - but keep in mind that people who don't want to be found can hide themselves from the search.

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