Sunday, June 19, 2005

'Star Wars' princess inspires real royal name

When I was a kid, I was pleased that not only did I have, what, at four, seemed like the best reason to demand to play Obi-Wan, since I would readily respond to "Toby-Wan" anyway, but also if I felt girly, to be Princess Leia, since my full name was Toby Leah. I also appreciated the fact that she and I pronounced it the same way -- and if people said my middle name lee-ah, I could say, no, "Lay-ah", like the Princess. Well, now a real Norweigian princess has the same name. And she's really a princess!

This reminds me I still haven't seen the latest Star Wars.

And, in space-age future poker news, did you hear about the upcoming poker-bot tournament in Vegas? I feel like there's a joke punchline here.


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